Nelson salvatera. photographer. landscape lover

    I can easily remember the time I bought my first camera and how quickly I discovered the passion in capturing the environment and people around me.  There was something special in stills that videos simply can not imitate.  The art, the beauty, and the memories that can be found in an image from the one who holds the camera can create, and the emotions captured to be cherished and shared are the many reasons I fell in love with photography.

    When I travel, my camera will always be in my backpack. When I walk around the city, you'll see my camera over my shoulder.  It's an addiction I love to share with others.  Natural landscapes, people on the streets, personal and public events.....there is an art hidden in all these things that I try to capture and expose.  I finally decided to take this chance to make it part of my living, thanks to the friends that have complimented and motivated me to take my passion to the next level.

    Even though I'm open to all type of photography services, my favorite service I love to provide is lifestyle photography (especially hiking and backpacking trips) where I go along with my clients outdoors to provide a photography service to their trip.

Contact Info: 562-221-7670

Currently located in Daly City, CA